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a Film by Frankie Coto


Year of production: 2011

Running Time: 08:53 Secs


Ugly, nasty, dumb, dangerous, pointless, are usually words that are attached to Graffiti. Where this might be true for some it doesn't apply across the board. The Hustus brothers are my childhood friends and they so happen to be the founders of the EYEsore campaign. EYEsore has set out to help redefine these words, literally. By naming themselves EYEsore they are injecting new meaning into the word and into the world that graffiti lives in. Taking $12,000 of equipment is pretty intimidating especially when you are flying with it and the airline "misplaces your tripod". With only two days to capture the twins at work, stress was driving me from 8am to 4 in the morning. With the help of some close friends, my family members, and cooperation with the twins using trucks and cars, scaling rooftops and hiding in the pitch dark, I was able to capture it. While I was overseas in Lithuania I found a new love for this energetic, soul filled art. How I perceive art and it's interaction with the visual world is represented in my film. Now you will step into that world and maybe come out with a new EYE for street art.



Bomba Estéreo Album Promo

Hollywood, CA


Position: Director of Photography 

Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 16 Secs


Behind the scenes of Bomba Estéreos newest album Amanecer for SONY Music Ent.


Revolt Media Confrence Miami 2014

Miami Beach, FL


Position: Camera Operator

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 01:17 Secs


Behind the scenes of the evolt Media Confrence in Miami 2014 at the Fountainblaue on Miami Beach.


Shot On: 5D Mark 2 * Magic Lantern

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